Why Meeting With Candidates Is Important

At Edge Careers we understand the importance in meeting with every candidate during the recruitment process, we believe it to be beneficial to all of our consultants for many reasons.

Firstly, because meeting a candidate means a consultant is able to make a more personal connection, enabling them to build trust and understand a person’s wants and needs, also validating the candidates interest in looking for a new role as they have taken time out of their busy schedule to meet with you.

A further benefit of meeting a candidate is that it makes it easier to ascertain where their strengths, and weaknesses, lie. Allowing you to build a profile on a candidate, which can then be submitted to a client putting yourself in a stronger position, as it is easier to explain why a candidate can fit into an organisation and a role when you have met them and understand what they can bring to the table, and, how they can do so.

Finally, meeting a candidate allows recruitment consultants to view an important quality, time keeping. If a candidate cannot arrive on time to meet with you, will they arrive on time to meet a client? Whilst scheduling meetings with candidates can be time consuming, they help recruiters to understand which candidates possess better interview skills and other qualities, which cannot be learned from a CV.


Why Meeting A Candidate Is Important


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