What Not To Do At Interview

For many people, interviews can be a scary and nervy experience, so we have put together 5 things you should definitely NOT do during interview.

The below points may seem obvious, but you would be amazed at how many people forget these basics and the importance of these from an interviewer’s prospective.

1 – Show up late

Showing up late to your interview immediately gives your potential employer a bad first impression. They will be thinking if you can’t turn up on time to an interview, can you turn up on time to work? It is important to remember if you are going to be late due to unforeseen circumstances i.e. traffic, then give either your recruitment consultant or the offices/interviewer a call to let them know in advance.

2 – Answer a phone call or reply to a text

Answering your phone during an interview is a big no. This will make the interviewer think that you are disinterested in the role and you will come across as rude. If there is a genuine reason for you to need to answer your phone, then you should  inform the interviewer beforehand so they understand, otherwise it is best to put your phone on silent or switch it off.

3 – Act unprofessionally 

Acting unprofessionally in an interview is a sure fired way not to get the job. If you are sat across from the interviewer chewing gum, twirling your hair or swearing, they will be thinking if this is how you act in an interview, how will you act at work or in front of clients?

4 – Dress inappropriately 

Dressing inappropriately will give off the wrong impression from the start, unless the interviewer has otherwise stated, you should always show up to an interview in smart clothing. This will show the interviewer that you have made an effort and give them a professional impression.

5 – Be disengaged 

Being disengaged will make the interviewer think that you do not want the role, fidgeting, mumbling, not answering questions and avoiding eye contact are all things that will make the employer think that you are not interested in the role. It is important to be clear in your communication with the interviewer, answering questions and making eye contact will all make the interviewer engage with you and believe that you are interested in getting the job.



Avoid doing any of these five points and you will give the interviewer the right impression from the start of the interview. These combined with your experience, which they will have already shown an interest in by inviting you to an interview, will put you in a good position to move forward in the recruitment process.


What Not To Do At Interview


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