Angular 8 is finally here! Although the Angular had originally planned to release Angular 8 in March or April, it didn’t happen until late May.

With the new release now available, it’s important to understand what has changed so you’ll know how to approach Angular 8. Since Angular 7 is going to be supported until April of 2020, you may decide that it’s not worth upgrading if Angular 7 already meets all of your needs.

One of the most important changes is what the Angular team describes as ‘Differential Loading of Modern JavaScript.’ To put it simply, this means that new apps generated by Angular CLI will now contain separate bundles for legacy JavaScript (ES5) and modern JavaScript (ES2015+). This is great news because it means that modern browsers with ES2015 support will be able to download smaller, more efficient app bundles that load and render faster than before.

The Angular team is also adding a backward compatibility mode to the Angular router which will make it easier to upgrade legacy Angular apps to modern Angular. In an ideal world, we would have all been able to upgrade our Angular 1.x apps to Angular 2+ right away.

In the real world though, this doesn’t always happen. To this day, there are a large number of massive legacy Angular apps happily chugging away, serving businesses and making users happy. They haven’t been upgraded for a simple reason: they’re working well, and there wouldn’t be much ROI in doing a complete rewrite.

The end is in sight for Angular 1.x. It isn’t going to see any new development and will only be receiving security patches until the end of its long-term support period on June 30, 2021. For teams working on large Angular 1.x apps, the time to begin the transition is now (and the changes to the Angular router will help make the transition smoother). The router updates will make it possible to lazy load parts of Angular 1.x apps inside a modern Angular app using route APIs.


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