Construction Myths

5 Myths About the Construction Industry

There are a number of myths in the construction industry which can be disproved, Edge Careers has taken a look at a few:Gender Gap

  1. Construction is a man’s job – Actually, approximately 20% of the construction workforce in the UK are women, although this has increased over recent years, there is still a big gap in the number of men and women in the industry, which needs to change.
  2. Construction isn’t for graduates – No! There is currently a skills shortage in the construction industry, which presents a great opportunity for graduates.
  3. Construction is a dead end industry – This couldn’t be further from the truth. The construction industry is a major contributor to the UK economy and offers endless potential for workers to move up the career ladder.
  4. Anyone can work in the construction industry – Not at all. Construction workers are now required to attend and pass training courses to be allowed onto a construction site, and the higher up the career ladder you go the more qualified you have to be.
  5. Construction is all about swinging tools – Again wrong. Construction projects start a long time before a construction worker actually steps foot onto a site, from designing, planning, estimating and bidding, there are a number of functions that need to come together before the building actually begins.


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