It is pretty clear to me at this point – that every single one of the frameworks brings different reasons to choose it and has its own Pros and Cons.

TOP 3 reasons to choose AngularJS are:

  • User Interface
  • Flexibility
  • Testing.


  • Amazing UI Design
  • Simple Routing
  • Great Libraries.


  • Limited Routing
  • 3rd party integration is complex
  • Scopes are hard to debug.

TOP 3 reasons to choose ReactJS are:

  • SEO Effective
  • Ability to create own components [don’t rely only on PolymerJS & Shadow DOM]
  • Great Efficiency [due to own virtual DOM].


  • Smooth interface & easy2learn API
  • Easier importing and JS debugging
  • Higher performance compared to other JS frameworks.


  • Very sophisticated view layer
  • It’s a library only not a framework
  • Will require additional configuration if you integrate into an MVC framework.

TOP 3 reasons to choose Node.js are:

  • Server-side proxy
  • NPM
  • Data Streaming.


  • Shares same piece of code with both client and server-side
  • Easily stream big files
  • Easy2learn & have a vibrant and large community.


  • Relational database issues
  • Requires deep understanding of JS to work with it
  • It’s not scalable because one CPU is not enough to take advantage of multiple tasks.

Every business obviously has its own needs and every Developer has own preferences in terms of which framework they prefer the work with and clearly after this short research these are the heavyweight leaders.

Is there a potential rival (vue.js)? Yes, maybe, but that’s for another research and I am very keen and opened to hear your thoughts and suggestions.


Whats your favourite? Let me know in the comments.


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