How to handle a counter offer

How To Handle A Counter Offer

Receiving a counter offer is a common part of the recruitment process. When you tell your boss that you are leaving, they may do what they can to keep you.

At some point in a career most people will have received a counter offer. It is a nice feeling to think your current company (which you may not be dead set on leaving) wants to keep you.

Once you have been counter offered you will be asking yourself the big question, do I stay or do I go? Edge Careers have taken a look at some points for you to consider when you’re trying to make this decision.

Delayed Offer

Why has it taken you to say that you are leaving the company for them to then offer you a pay rise or a promotion? Surely if they truly valued you in their business they would have already put you on the best salary and in the best position within the company.

You need to ask yourself, am I really valued and appreciated or am I just another body within the company?

Reason for Leaving

Why are you looking to leave the company in the first place? Is it solely for more money or is their an underlining issue?

If it was just for a pay rise then accepting a counter offer is probably the best thing to do as you are already in a job and company you know. If however there is an underlining issue it is important for you to remember that this issue will still exist even with the pay rise and/or promotion.

A lot of people who accept a counter offer usually end up leaving their current company anyway as the reason for leaving hasn’t changed.

Added Pressure

Yes moving to a new company is going to be a stressful and nervous experience, but thinking you are playing it safe by staying with your current company may not be as easy as you think.

Accepting a counter offer from your current employer could bring on additional stress with an additional workload and higher expectation. Also, you have now shown that you are willing to leave the company so your loyalty will now be in question.


Be careful when you come to receiving a counter offer and take these points into account. Also one of our Permanent Recruitment Consultants, Stuart Smith, wrote an article on accepting a counter offer which you can view here.

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How To Handle A Counter Offer


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